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Make your dog or cat look their best.

Get some of the best clippings, brushings, baths, and more from our expert groomers at Bark & Bubble. 



Grooming | Sturbridge, MA | Bark & Bubble | 508-347-3773

Your animal will feel his or her best.

We are open to any type of dog, whether they are elderly, blind, or do not have limbs - we will be more than happy to give your pooch the grooming they deserve. Our pampering services use medicated soap-free shampoos, as well as our special "FUR-minator SHED-less" lotion to top off your pet's treatment.

  • Clippings
  • Brushing
  • Trimmings
  • Hair cuts
  • Deep cleaning baths
  • Nail services

A variety of specialty cuts to make your dog shine.

We have a great deal of training and experience with all types of dogs, so we can tailor our hair cutting to your specific dog. Whatever type of style cut you would like, we can create and we specialize in certain cuts.

  • Poodle cuts
  • Japanese style
  • Custom cuts

Make your pet feel spectacular. 
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